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How virtual reality could improve our health treatments

The latest virtual reality technologies offer the potential to improve the treatment of everything from spinal injuries to phobias.Source: NowToLoveVirtual reality is often seen as being about entertainment and the latest computer games, but the technology...

13 Of The Best Virtual Reality Uses In Industry To Date

Source: ForbesVirtual reality (VR) is emerging from being a niche gaming novelty. Its potential practical uses are making many industries sit up and take notice. With near-endless configuring possibilities, VR is seeing more and more companies exploring...

Augmented Reality is Taking Over Radiology Training

Augmented reality can be used to educate and train radiologists, improving their expertise and skillsSource: ITNMedical images take a significant part in patient diagnostics across different care cycle points, including regular screening, diagnosis...

Virtual reality transforms hospital stay for kids

Source: wpsdlocal6 STANFORD, Calif. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Understandably, most kids who have to be in a hospital wish they were anywhere else. But there’s one hospital they may actually enjoy. Patients there can catch basketballs, fish, or zap hamburgers in...


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