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Augmented reality has been around for a few years. But small businesses have only recently started to realize its potential as a marketing tool.

Technology startup company Lampix has created an infographic to summarize all the ways in which augmented reality can be a game-changer for small businesses.

Flexibility of Augmented Reality Creates New Opportunities

Using different components such as sensors, computer and projectors, augmented reality shifts users’ perception of reality.

Here’s how it works. Input devices such as cameras are used to scan, collect data and process a digital model. Afterwards, processors built into devices develop sensory input and produce interactive displays. These images are then imposed onto a screen or flat surface based on the digital model.

Enabling computer-generated images to overlay or interact with real world objects elevates user experience and helps businesses boost customer relations.

Different Forms of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality works also because of its versatility.

Take its marker-based or image recognition feature, for example. It is being used today for various marketing campaigns, especially the ones involving QR code readers.

Marketers are also using it to access location-based information allowing them to better target their audiences.

For realtors, augmented reality provides an opportunity to heighten user experience. By partially or completely replacing the view of a real world object, augmented reality gives users a futuristic look into things.

Many businesses are also using projection to make their marketing efforts more interactive and engaging.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Even as augmented reality becomes more popular, not many marketers understand how it differs from virtual reality.

Virtual reality creates a technology driven artificial environment experienced through sensory stimulation. Augmented reality, on the other hand, enhances reality through digital information overlay technology.

Unlike virtual reality, which involves high costs, bulky hardware and disorienting user experience, augmented reality presents more marketing opportunities.

How Businesses Can Use Augmented Reality

Want to know more about how augmented reality can boost your business? Check out the infographic below:

How Businesses Can Use Augmented Reality


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