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  Source: bbntimes Augmented reality (AR) has evolved tremendously since its inception. The term "augmented reality" was first coined by Boeing researcher, Thomas Caudell in 1990. The technology changed how an NFL football game is perceived through...

Closing the Sale with Virtual Reality

Source: catersource Imagine you are part of the sales team for a venue with a spectacular ballroom. It features opulent crystal chandeliers and an open-air terrace with a prime and coveted view of the city lights. Imagine, too, that you are thousands of...

[Infographic] The future of augmented reality

Source: techaeris Virtual and augmented reality are growing technologies, and not just in the video game industry, where they are projected to make an annual revenue of $11.6 billion. From healthcare and real estate to live events and education, AR and VR...

How Virtual Reality is Transforming Real Estate

Source: AppReal Those days and hours spent being trundled around by your realtor could be far more focused and productive if you could walk through a property before an actual site visit. Your time, after all, is valuable. Imagine if there were a way to...

7 Ways VR is Improving Healthcare

Source: uploadvr When we think about VR, we tend to associate it with the entertainment genre. Although VR indeed set sails to enhance the demanding gamer’s experience, it has also made significant improvements to the lives of people with autism, lazy eye,...


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