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Digital Experience Center

How do you create an environment that’s innovative, digital and adaptable to any customer?

The answer lies in experience centres that are conceptualised to present a creative blend of immersive technologies and state-of-the-art AV, paired with trained facilitators and researchers. Along with your external customers, these centres have proven to be a valuable resource for company-wide workshops and employee onboarding.

Features and Benefits

TNQ InGage conceptualises, designs and delivers Digital Experience Centres (DEC). We create a hands-on, experiential space where customers, employees, and trainees can actively work with technologies such as AR, VR, MR, AI, IoT, Robotics, and other techniques.

Every DEC is designed to inspire thoughtful, transformative digital initiatives in a space that encourages innovation and engagement.


A bespoke DEC houses experience zones equipped with all the latest immersive technologies, tools and content across all industry verticals and business functions.


Participants have the flexibility to choose digital experience relevant to their function.


By experimenting in this collaborative environment, trainees who visit the Digital Experience Center can learn and absorb quickly. 


A DEC enables rapid and scalable prototyping, which can be tested and deployed to clients within a few days.

Our Bespoke DEC Solutions Include


Requirement analysis based on mapping technology and functions.


Architecture and interior design


Selection, procurement, and deployment of all hardware including AR, VR, MR stations, and projectors.


Sourcing, development and deployment of all content.


InGage provides immersive technology solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for training, product visualisation, maintenance and prototyping. 

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