L & T Case Study

The Challenge

Unskilled labourers not following safety precautions and getting injured in the construction site is one of the major challenge faced by all construction companies including Larsen & Toubro (L&T). The losses (life, time & material) are huge due to this.

On-site job training is an expensive & time-consuming exercise and traditional room type training using video/pictures are not just doing the job in embedding the seriousness of safety. L&T was looking for a solution that solves both – cheaper and at the same time very impactful.

The Solution

L&T considers the safety of its employees as its highest criteria. So what’s the solution to fix it?

L&T choose to partner n collaborate with one of the leading providers of Virtual Reality [VR] technology in the world, InGage Technology to help them create real-time scenarios of VR Experience that will enable training and educate safety features for workers very efficiently. The VR training has several real-life scenarios that in turn takes the user through the experience meanwhile accessing their reaction, thereby avoiding the repetition of the mistakes at the site.

The Setup

  • Google cardboard based solution: For portability, cost effectiveness and ease of deployment at remote places


  • Pre Installed app on Android device

Out of the Box

      Working closely with L&T Management and Safety engineers, InGage team designed the most engaging VR experience that clearly demonstrates the safety features while on the site, emulating the scenarios as they are real time. People using the experience found this training so immersive and were taken by surprise how they miss the most basic safety precautions that can lead to several near death scenarios in real life. It has been proven by many worlds leading research institutions that experiential learning is more effective than using written or video material to transmit skills. Virtual Reality immersion is the next best thing to hands-on learning in the field, and a more ideal method for preparing workers for real-life situations on the job-site than the static, standard training most construction workers receive today. And new tech like AR/VR is attractive to Millennial workers who are able to transition skills learned in virtual reality to the real world more easily.  

Case Study Summary

  • For unskilled labour training campaign, L&T partnered with InGage technology to create stunning VR Experience for job training with complete safety precautions.
  • The result is 100% user real-time experiences.
  • Scenic view and realistic environment to make the experience as real as possible.
  • Brand Awareness 75% 75%
  • Website Traffic 55% 55%
  • Enquiries 55% 55%
  • Campaign Effectiveness 95% 95%

The Results Were Amazing

  • The fatality rate is almost zero
  • Safety awareness is increased by 90%
  • Safety training cost reduced by 60%
  • Accessibility of training is increased by 7x [ as L&T VR is portable and works offline, we can set up the training even in remote areas]
  • Training thru VR increased the recall factor of workmen by 5x times
  • Training provided in the language of convenience which enhances the learning rate.


L&T using VR to train their workmen paved raving response. Based on the response the project is also being made for PC based VR to provide next level of interactive immersive experience.


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