Tamil Nadu Police Training Academy

The Challenge

Millions of words have been written in an effort to educate and train law enforcement personnel to become well-prepared police officers, show crime scene technicians how to process crime scenes. Its difficult to reproduce each scenario and take all the personnel to crime scenes to study.

How do we train the law-enforcement so they are exposed to different scenarios and are effective in making decisions??

What should be the effective training program ??

The Solution

Tamil Nadu Police Department  partnered with Ingage Technology to help train IPS officers, Empower them to learn the science of forensics to Advanced Crime Scene Investigation

Ingage being the top service provider for Virtual Reality [VR] technology in India – help them create real time crime scenarios that will enable the IPS officers to understand, analyse and solve crimes efficiently.

Virtual reality simulations are created so trainees are immersed in visual, auditory and sometimes physical experiences which enhance the learning curve.

Out of the Box

Scenario-based training through VR has the potential to improve operational efficiency. These scenarios are designed to replicate real-life events that officers may encounter in the field. It prepares them for the unseen dangers lurking around them. Instead of textbook cases, they can train in near-life like experiences, which is more effective.

By introducing Virtual Reality (VR) to crime scenes, the dilemma of not being able to visit the crime scene in its initial state could be addressed. This could be done by letting criminal investigators visit the crime scene virtually, and letting them decide where and how to view the scene in its initial state. In the forensic community VR is gaining attention and it is seen as a possible tool for visualizing crime scenes for different purposes.

The Setup

Oculus Rift Virtual reality system with high-end tower PC running MS Windows.


Training Effectiveness


Engagement Rate


Amazing Result

Case Study Summary

    • VR training helps build self-confidence and teaches people how to make better decisions.
    • VR totally immerses the senses and once the training begins, it becomes reality to the user.
    • IPS officers stated they found the techniques easy to learn and had already applied the techniques.
  • Strategy Awareness +90% +90%
  • Training Proficiency +75% +75%
  • In Class Engagement +95% +95%
  • Training Effectiveness +90% +90%

The Results Were Amazing

The report generated by the VR simulation helped improve the individual performance in following simulation tests.

  • Training reception rate is increased by  90%.
  • The in-class engagement has increased by 100%.
  • The time and cost of setting up the training programs have been reduced by 60%.


In short, VR will likely have a useful place in the field of forensic science, allowing these professionals to recreate a crime scene for others to witness, or to communicate more efficiently with experts at another location.

Following the successful deployment of the VR CSI simulator, a more advanced Simulator with haptic feedbacks are being discussed in-order to implement more scenarios and also for real time combat training.


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