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InGage is India’s leading digital customer engagement company specializing in a patented technology that blends Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Immersive Digital Experience to engage audiences and build brands. We provide mobility solutions that seamlessly integrate with your brand to provide an amazing customer experience.

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What people are saying about us?

"I want to personally thank InGage for the TCS MFDM [Machine First Delivery Model] experiences. InGage team had worked very hard on this. The experience was very well received and our CEO, MR RAJESH, was personally very happy with the quality of this experience. The launch of MFDM was very well received by the leadership team!"

P. R. Krishnan Executive Vice President Global Head, Enterprise Intelligent Automation, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

"This is to certify that, we have engaged M/s . INGAGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LIMITED for developing Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) turnkey projects between August 2016 and April 2017. The projects include procuring hardware, software, content development, successful deployment, training and maintenance. The projects were executed on time and to our satisfaction. FOR ASHOK LEYLAND LIMITED"

DATCHANAMOORTHY Division Manager- IT Ashok Leyland

"InGage has performed excellently in the execution of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality turn-key projects in setting up our Customer Experience Centre. The project includes procuring Virtual Reality hardware, workstations, software, content development, successful deployment, training and maintenance. The firm consists of highly professional and experienced management together with dedicated skilled workers. This combination enables them to achieve timely completion of jobs while ensuring specified quality standards."

Shobhana . P Ravi Chief – IT, Innovation & Learning Officer TAFE Ltd

Augmented Reality – What do we do?

InGage Technologies, Chennai has launched a multi-brand Augmented Reality Mobile Platform/App called “InGage” on Apple iTunes and Android Google Play designed for brands across a broad spectrum of industries to engage with their customers in an interactive and economical way. InGage also provides custom software and creative solutions to clients across various verticals by helping businesses leverage the latest innovations in computer-human interaction.


According to Juniper Research, Augmented Reality App Downloads to Top 2.3Bn by 2021, as an increasing number of brands familiarize themselves with the technology and its possibilities. Global brands like Acer, Ray Ban and Volkswagen use augmented reality to give customers a unique virtual presentation of a product, and brands like Starbucks use it to help customers pass messages to one another. Domino’s Pizza has used augmented reality in its UK marketing efforts, encouraging passersby to use their phones to see a special deal on billboards, and then order a pizza through Domino’s mobile app.


Augmented reality has the potential of taking entertainment mediums such as music, sporting events, and television to a whole new user experience through an extraordinary immersive experience for the user. For example, using her digital eyewear such as Google Glass, smartphone, or tablet, the user can have the experience as if she is at the concert, even though she is still in her living room.


Augmented Reality in education is a revolutionary concept that makes virtual objects like atoms/molecules, planets, volcanoes, the human heart or dinosaurs come alive and highly interactive on the pages of a book, interactive white board or even on the floor or wall to provide a 3D animated replica that fills the room.


Augmented reality will go a long way to help manufacturers cut down decision-making time and help support projects like product launches by allowing them to work virtually in an industrial environment. Project management in building and construction will be more easily and safely carried out when site managers can virtually view and monitor work in progress in real time through Augmented Reality markers placed on parts or equipment being built.

Our Augmented Reality development services help clients to understand, integrate and develop clever, innovative and effective marketing campaigns using this leading edge technology.

We develop Augmented Reality apps and installations for experiential, consumer, retail, training and industrial purposes for brand clients.

There are 3 areas that we can advise and work with you

Augumented Reality

AR Content

We can assist in 3D design, motion capture, animation, environment creation and product presentation using AR.

Augumented Reality

AR Apps

Whether we create the content or you supply it, our developers can then build the AR app for iOS, Android or Windows.

Augumented Reality

AR Installations

For event based activities, we can design and deliver fully working kits which may involve interactive screens, hand-held devices and wearable hardware.

All of our solutions are fully supported and can be delivered anywhere Worldwide.

Supported Devices – All Android Smartphones, tablets, Apple iPhones & iPads

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Virtual Reality

We empower our clients to see the future and experience virtual environments. Our award-winning Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Mobile Applications bring products, and projects to life by crafting stunning interactive experiences.

We develop multi-sensory Virtual Reality systems and software for experiential, consumer, retail, training and industrial purposes with large brand clients and preferred partner agencies.

Uniquely, we combine visual, audio, movement, virtual touch and scent to create the most immersive experiences using our own hardware and software.

3D VR Visualizations

Interactive 3D VR Visualizations

We create interactive environments and training space on the basis of recent engines used to develop games. We visualize peopleʼs work and their behavior as well as how they interact with machines and various devices.

360° Video

Professional 360° Training Video

We use technical devices to record training content in 360 VR technology. This way, a number of existing materials and knowledge resources can be embedded in a completely new medium of perception.

Supported Devices – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard

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Mixed Reality

We specialize in developing customized Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, that enhance your business, and the way you interact with customers and the world. Our solutions deliver incredible content and amazing immersive experiences across all platforms, including Mobile, Digital Eye-wear and advanced HMDs (Head Mounted Displays).

Our capabilities on VR, AR, MR devices include Hololens, Oculus, HTC Vive and more.

Customer Experience

InGage is a media creation studio providing creative, live action, motion design, animation and post-production services to entertainment studios, advertising agencies and corporations throughout the world. Renderings transcend language and create a connection with an audience that conveys emotion and vision. Our ability to create what does not exist, accurately visualize a concept, and meet the tightest deadline is the reason our clients return project after project. Our team at InGage works with marketing agencies, ad agencies, event designers, promotional companies, interior designers, architects, industrial designers, and anyone looking to accurately visualize their concept.

Design Process

InGage Customer Engagement Process is simple, transparent yet effective            


This is a collaborative discovery phase designed to produce the right immersive solution framework for your business. Ingage development process encompasses VR and AR tech exploration, business application analysis, high level project scoping, competitive survey, design research, and structured design.


Next step is to refine the ideas into a core concept. We identify top features, User Stories are generated. UI designs are created. UX framework is established. A POC plan that comprehensively documents the high level execution is outlined.


InGage’s design team jumps into action to transform the concept into rapid prototyping process and allows the customer to visualize a snippet of their end experience. This gives an opportunity to the customer to fine tune his requirements before finalizing the design blueprint

Final Design:

The final design solidifies and communicates the specifics of what will be built. We follow a phased approach that prioritizes features and a release plan for each phase. Once approved by the customer we will start the development process.


The final development process ensues through a series of iterative of design and development sprints, incorporating periodic customer input and user testing.

Hand Off:

Once the product is delivered, a comprehensive training is provided to the customers on the usability of the product.


A technical and design document supporting the product is delivered to support knowledge transfer as well as in-house training purposes

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Augmented & Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality

4K+ Multi-Display Interactive Walls

High Res and Holographic Projections

Single & Multi-Touch Experiences

Gesture Interactions and Interfaces

Mobility solutions

Video and Post Production for Projection

3D simulation & content for all digital experiences

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