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Multiuser VR Training:

Shared virtual workspace for training in dangerous situations.


Spatial Perspective:

Immersive virtual environment that replaces the real-world environment, featuring feedback and motion-tracking capabilities.


Collaborative data visualisation to track performance and efficiency of the training. 


Transform employee training with Virtual Reality –  drive measurable performance results.

We work with clients in the construction industry to overcome workforce training challenges

In recent years, shortage of skilled labour has emerged among the greatest challenges faced by the construction industry. It needs a training solution that improves performance, cultivates safety, and closes the experience gap — all while reducing cost and risk.  InGage’s VR training programmes achieve all of this and more.



Our range of construction services seeks to transform the mode of training and thereby solve workforce training challenges using Virtual Reality Solutions. We have worked with many well-known players in this industry to improve performances, cultivate safety, and close the experience gap in a manner that is cost-efficient and risk-free.

Our solutions are applicable for all core construction sectors such as:

  • Buildings & Factories
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Heavy Civil
  • Highway Engineering.

Some of our customized modules, designed for excellence:

  • Site Equipment Erection Techniques & Inspection
  • Fire and Excavation Safety
  • Heavy Vehicle Management
  • Power Tools Training & Operation
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Our creative VR training modules address skill & safety training in all core construction sectors

Buildings & Factories

Oil & Gas

Transmission & Distribution including Substation & Utility Power Distribution

Power including Hydel & Nuclear

Heavy Civil including Bridges, Tunnels & Ports

Highway Engineering

Buildings & Factories

Oil & Gas

Transmission & Distribution including Substation & Utility Power Distribution

Power including Hydel & Nuclear

Heavy Civil including Bridges, Tunnels & Ports

Highway Engineering

We’ve worked on hundreds of scenarios and modules. Key functionalities include:

Fall Protection

Practise safe ways of working at heights. Experience first-hand, the outcomes of not following the correct procedures.

Site equipment erection techniques & inspection
Consequences of not following proper procedures
Hazard Identification

Trainees inspect a site, identify hazards, and demonstrate safety knowledge about associated risks and remediation practices.

Confined Space safety

Multiple scenarios, worker training, responsibilities of entrants, attendants & supervisors, rescue & emergency response operations.

Fire Safety

Right use of extinguishers, emergency evacuation.

Excavation Site Safety

Let users explore an active excavation project while gaining core safety knowledge.

Transportation of Materials and Workmen
Material Handling using Hydra Crane
Ascending, Descending & Horizontal Movement on Transmission Towers
Scaffolding-related Fall Safety Procedures
Working on Ladder & Stool
Heavy Vehicle Management
Power Tools Training & Operation

Software features common to all modules:


Multi-User VR experience
For multiple team members to train, learn and interact simultaneously, close to the real-world environment.


Real-time tracking & reporting
Analytics and reporting of users’ training for continuous efficiency improvement.


Integration with appropriate haptics/external controllers for realistic training experience.


Augmented Reality: Field Services 

  • Digital Manuals: Field crew can access real-time task based information using AR while working.
  • Inspections & design reviews: Our MR based solutions using HoloLens deliver remote inspections and design review by enabling 3D views of a building over the as-built environment, comparing the two as they walk through the site.

InGage provides immersive technology solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for training, product visualisation, maintenance and prototyping. 

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