Ingage is a leading provider of immersive technology training solutions and field services tools, for businesses in the manufacturing, construction, and healthcare industries. Design driven, our expertise lies in using VR, AR, and MR technologies to bring end-user experiences to life. 

Our team of storyboard artists, 3D designers, animators, and lighting artists bring the creative half to the table, while the unity and unreal developers, algorithm developers, hardware specialists, Android and iOS developers, and programme managers get their heads down and build solid experiences for our clients. 

Over 8 years, the team has worked on over 500 projects across industries. When we’re not perfecting a client’s storyboard and its deployment, you’ll find us deep in conversation about the latest Industry 4.0 development.


Vijay Karunakaran is the founder & CEO of InGage Technologies. Before founding the firm, Vijay held senior executive positions at Intel and AMD in the US for 17 years. During his 12+ years at Intel as Director, he led the Atom mobile microprocessor design & validation division.

Vijay has 25 years of research, industrial & teaching experience in immersive technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality), Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, Mobile, Advanced Microprocessor design, Cloud computing and Customer-centric experiences. He is an Industry expert and distinguished speaker in Industry 4.0 domain. Vijay was awarded the prestigious “President Award” in the US for the Athlon microprocessor development that enabled AMD to become the first company in the world to release a 1 GHz processor.

He holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.B.A from Duke University. He has taught and given guest lectures at various prestigious universities in the US.