Virtual reality solutions are transforming the way healthcare professionals are delivering world-class patient management. We build realistic training simulators integrated with force-feedback technology and motion tracking to enable professionals to experience training as close to the real medical procedure as possible. It enables doctors, physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals to interact with each other and engage with the patients in different scenarios.



Our healthcare-related custom immersive solutions are designed to enhance the proficiency of the trainees. We understand the potential of VR in delivering world-class patient management like never before. Talking about our services, we build realistic training simulators integrated with force-feedback technology and motion tracking, which enables professionals to train with real medical procedures through mind-boggling simulations.

Some of our customized modules, designed for excellence:

  • Support for all AR, VR and MR devices.
  • Experienced creative technologists.
  • 500 + esteemed projects.
  • Client-base of leading Fortune 500 companies
  • Reliable customer support.

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In healthcare, it can enable surgeons to perform complicated procedures better, by rendering accurate 3D reconstructions of the body part they are operating on while being connected in real-time to devices that relay vital stats and information.

At the same time, the IoT can make machines smarter, embedding sensors and intelligence that can monitor and generate data so that meaningful action can be taken on time, in order to prevent any downtime.

Engineers in the construction and manufacturing industry can use an AR glass or a smartphone to get virtual step-by-step live instructions on how to perform machine repair and other maintenance tasks.

Benefits of Our Augmented/Mixed Reality and IOT Solutions for Field Service

Real time

Our solutions drive the convergence of IoT and AR thereby transforming industrial maintenance and field service by capturing data in real time and converting this data into recommendations, allowing for failures to be diagnosed and acted upon, quickly and efficiently.

Contextual Information

Our AR solutions complements the skill sets of field technicians, and increases their productivity by providing them; cloud-based or mobile app-based diagnostic information, service instructions, tutorials and other information directly over the technician’s view of the asset requiring service.


Remote Collaboration

Our field tools using HOLOLENS connect realities. Our VR and AR collaboration brings your team members closer for better productivity. Share your physical space as if you were in the same room.


Spatial Awareness

Devices will be able to recognize objects in the real world; to provide an enhanced view of the objects, access reference information and nomenclature, provide on-the-spot diagnostics, or enable tagging.